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Vote for Your Local Heros!

Our magazine is in the business of celebrating the region’s best-loved food producers and leaders. Now we’re asking you to help. Once a year we give you a chance to recognize the hard work of your favorite food-related organizations and businesses by nominating them for a unique award.

edibleWOW’s annual Local Hero Awards are our version of the people’s choice awards, and because they are chosen by you, this award has a special meaning for the recipients. Any Southeastern Michigan food-related organization or business is eligible for an edibleWOW Local Hero Award. Nominees should demonstrate leadership in their communities in the following ways: engage in responsible environmental and social practices, produce high quality products and services, make a positive economic impact and commit to building a robust local food system.

Awards are granted in the following categories: farmer/farm, farmers’ market, restaurant/chef, food artisan, beverage artisan, not-for-profit food organization. You can nominate your favorite business, farmer or organization by completing the form below and submitting it. We will accept nominations from July 1 through July 31. We will announce the winners in early August, and then we will highlight each winner in the fall 2017 issue of edibleWOW. Please take this opportunity to recognize someone who makes a difference in the local food scene and give them a chance to appear in edibleWOW Magazine.

Kate & Robb Harper

Publishers, edibleWOW Magazine



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