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Want to Join a CSA?

At this time of the year it’s a good idea to research your summer CSAs, so you can join before they fill up. Fortunately southeast Michigan has plenty of CSAs for you to choose from. For those of you who don’t know what a CSA is, let me explain. A CSA—Community Supported Agriculture—is a partnership […]

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Eating Local in the Winter

AS WE HEAD into the cooler months of the year, the quest to eat locally produced food can become more difficult. Many of the small farmers’ markets close, CSA memberships conclude and the farm stands board up for the winter. But just because it’s not as easy to eat local in the winter doesn’t mean it’s […]

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How Eastern Market Feeds Detroit

WHEN edibleWOW MADE  its debut on the publishing scene in 2008, one of the first topics we covered was the story of Eastern Market. At that time, the Detroit Eastern Market Corporation was only two years into their management takeover of the 117-year-old market. Their visionary leader Dan Carmody was just beginning to plant the […]

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What I Learned at the Orchard

ORCHARDS ARE FRIENDLY places. That is part of their appeal—in addition to fresh donuts and cider. I spent last Sunday afternoon at Porters Orchard in Goodrich exploring the corn maze, looking at farm animals and taste-testing product. Although Porters is known for their apples and award-wining cider, they also have U-Pick raspberries and blackberries. I’d never picked raspberries […]

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Apples are Better than Ever

GOOD NEWS FROM the world of Michigan apples–this year’s harvest is expected to be above average for an estimated total of 24 million bushels. Because Michigan is the third largest apple producing state in the country, we always monitor the apple crop closely. After all, more than 850 small family farms count on the crop for their livelihood.For […]

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U-Pick Raspberries

RASPBERRY FARMERS report that the raspberry season is in full swing. To my family that means one thing: raspberry jam. We all love to eat freshly-made, warm jam spread on graham crackers. For my favorite raspberry jam recipe, I turn to the experts at Ball and use their Mixed Berry Jam water bath canning recipe. If you are not […]

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Made in Michigan

THE BEST PLACE to be a local food entrepreneur right now is Michigan. With small business support from places like the MSU Product Center, Hopeful Harvest and Foodlab Detroit, hundreds of new food start-ups have succeeded. Michiganders are a loyal group that support the region and are proud of the many products we produce. Here are […]

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Camping & Beer

CAMPING IN MICHIGAN almost always involves imbibing in a good Michigan brew. With over 200 breweries in our great lakes state, we fill our growler with ease when on the road. We now travel with two empty growlers, as choosing just one beer (or occasionally root beer for the kids) is becoming increasing difficult.Our favorite camp […]

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Blueberry Bread

THE edibleWOW EDITORS spent one beautiful summer morning picking blue ray blueberries at Montrose Orchards just Northwest of Flint. Intoxicated by the abundance of fruit, we each picked a full bucket of berries with great plans for freezing, canning and baking. All that picking built up an appetite which led us directly to the orchard’s farm […]

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Gooseberry Jam

MY FIRST attempt at growing fruit were some gooseberry plants purchased from Roots to Fruits Edible and Ecological Landscapes in Clarkston. They suggested gooseberry plants because the plants withstand harsh temperatures making them easy to grown in areas with frost and snow. I harvested enough gooseberries this year to eat as a snack as well as […]

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